Deborah is trained as an accountant with close to ten years of working experience in the corporate sector. Following her interest and passion, she pursued a Masters in Counselling and is now a licensed and registered counsellor with the Malaysia Board of Counsellors. She is also a certified Choice Theory/Reality Therapist with William Glasser International.

Deborah has a heart for the youth and young adults. As a counsellor, she sees her role as someone who supports another through life’s challenges. She views herself as a fellow pilgrim on a journey on the narrow road; a person who would come along side to those who at certain points of their lives need a companion to journey with them through life’s difficult moments.

About the workshop — Dealing with grief and loss

Grief and loss are difficult truths of life to grasp. Emotions run deep and sometimes there seems to be no way out. It can weigh a lot of us as young adults who needs to juggle between our jobs, family, friends and other commitments in our lives. How do we manage it? This session helps us to understand the nature of grief which we often want to avoid, manage it and draw comfort from Word of God.