Dr Ng Kam Weng, Ph.D is the Research Director of Kairos Research Centre Malaysia. After his doctoral studies at Cambridge United Kingdom, he lectured on New Testament, Systematic Theology, Ethics and Philosophy and served as Dean of Graduate School at Malaysia Bible Seminary before assuming his current position at Kairos Research Centre.

He was a Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia (CSCA) at Trinity Theological College and a Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. He is also a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton.

Dr.Ng is married to Tien Tien. They have two grown children.

He maintains two blogs:

http://www.krisispraxis.com/ and https://libertysentinel.wordpress.com/

About the workshop — Apologetics (The Historical Christ vs the Christ of the Media)

Much has been said about Jesus, the man who according to the Bible once walked on planet Earth, performed great miracles and signs, called God His Father, saved humanity from the bondage of sin by His obedient death on the cross and conquered death itself through His resurrection on the third day. Some said he was a failed revolutionist, some said he’s just a prophet like Elijah, some said he’s a good man and some said he’s the Messiah. But, what do we say about Jesus? This interesting session pits the historical Jesus against the Jesus portrayed in the media and explores the evidence to believe in the former.