“Leaderonomics is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming developing nations through leadership development. We believe that leadership is what makes nations, organisations and communities great. Similarly, lack of leadership destroys and diminishes societies.

Our goal is to enable every single person to fulfill their potential as the leader they were meant to be. We dream of bringing leadership development to the remotest parts of developing nations, ensuring that everyone who aspires to be a leader, is provided the tools and processes to enable them to “build communities of love” — excerpt from the website https://leaderonomics.com/

About the workshop — Light Up Your World

What if you had the resources to power up the whole world? To bring light into the darkness? What would guide your actions and motivate your choices? This session will bring you on a journey of resource management, risk taking and decision making. You will be challenged to strategise, take ownership and lead your team towards success.

So, do you have what it takes to Light Up Your World?