The month of June presents a perfect opportunity to pause (Selah) and take stock of the year and dig deep for the boost to finish the year well.

About the Plenary

Many of us are in a form of a rat race in order to eke out a living and to increase our living standards. As we surge ahead or negotiate each difficult turning, how often do we just take a pause (let alone a full stop) to draw strength from God and spend time with Him? Perhaps as young adults, we believe that we have a lot of ‘reserves’ in spiritual energy and quiet time can come later in life. F1 race cars are engineered to be the best they can be over the years using various technologies but one fact remains – they all need to go for a pit stop during the race to be rejuvenated and recharged before rejoining the race. How can we, as young adults, rejuvenate spiritually? What it means to have a pit stop? Join this session to find out!